Mobile glitch file names very short


On a mobile device I have, all glitch projects i see the file name will usually be somewhat like

So the file name is testing.js

It will show as te…g.js

It never used to do that, and on other mobile devices it shows normally, full.

On windows its also normal.

Any fix to this? Thanks

Hi! Which mobile device are you seeing the error in? Am I correct in my understanding that this is in the editor?

In order to save screen space (for example, on mobile), and simultaneously be able to understand what a particular file is (so you can navigate to it by tapping on it), Glitch deliberately renders filenames at very narrow filetree widths with an ellipsis - the three dots - in the middle.

This is so that we can show you the both the beginning and the end of the filename - since you may recognize the file from its prefix or suffix.

It’s purely a visual effect. If you want to see more of the filename, drag the filetree pane wider.

Hope this helps,


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It won’t work for me, any example of doing this on mobile? thanks.

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Same thing, i’d rather have the file list fill the whole screen up rather spend 5 minutes going through every file and try to find which one im looking for

I’m not sure…but does it help if you edit in landscape mode on your mobile device?

Still no make sense,

Sorry, the “drag to resize” does not work on mobile the way I thought.

We will take this as feedback, and work on it!

Sorry not to be more help,