Moderate/High Memory Caused by Unknown?

I don’t really know why, but I searched through my entire project and still didn’t find where the project is using too much memory. It’s already using around 38-40%. My bot is in 173 guilds but I’m not too sure if that’s the problem.

The project name: fallenthetaco.

I also got my project suspended for exceeding the limit of node_modules. Please help and check what my problem was. My project name is still the same from above

@Fallenthetaco, I’ll ping @glitch_support so that they can take a look, give you temporary space to run git gc and git prune in the Console, and unsuspend your project!

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@Fallenthetaco Hey

Did you recently tried to install any package?

@HeemPlayz No I haven’t, when the project starts producing too much memory, I tried reinstalling them and rebuilds but it just keeps on getting more memory.

Being in 170+ guilds likely is the problem. This is because there will be 100-100 or so messages being processed by the bot every second - causing high memory usage.

So how many guilds should I limit to so I can avoid high memory from being processed? @charliea21

You can try using Shards

But shards are for those with 2.5k guilds or over 1k. I tried sharding before and it still has the same results. @glitch_support

Hi @Fallenthetaco!

We have given your project extra disk space for the next 24 hours. You should now be able to go into the editor and make any updates needed to reduce the memory/disk space used.

Please use this on your console:
rm -rf .git

What can I do to reduce the memory produced?

Edit: Also the only problem I have is the memory since I’m not sure what to do what I can do to reduce the memory down so it doesn’t go over when I reinstall/rebuild the modules.

Hi Fallenthetaco!

  1. Discord sharding is probably not effective at reducing memory usage - if anything, it will increase memory usage.

  2. Enmap is by default storing everything in memory. You can change the fetchAll option to false to instead keep the data on disk, which will be a little slower, but it will take less memory. See:

Generally, if you’re doing more, you will use up some resource more, and these techniques just trade one resource for another. Discord Sharding allows you to add more guilds beyond Discord’s limits, but it costs memory and CPU. Enmap fetchAll: false gives you some memory, but it costs disk space and your bot’s responses may be a little slower.

Hope this helps,



Just type rm -rf .gita to the console.

Please share you project url