Module not working

i don’t really know how to word the title, it doesn’t sounds right to me, but here’s what i mean in detail.

I used the button glitch had to add the module “weather-js” to my package.json file, and every time i reopen the project, it doesn’t install it, and i get an error that it can’t find the module. i tried switching to another module to see if it was just a module issue by instead adding “weather”, but the same thing happened, i was wondering if someone knew how to fix this?

Try running this in the project terminal:
npm i weather-js

i forgot to add, this does work, but i have to do it everytime, and if i wanna add more modules i don’t wanna have to type that out every time

I mean thats kind of node programming for you :laughing:.

If you have the module listed in your package.json you can always just run npm i

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