MongoDB error when I want to "npm start" on console project

I´m traying to deploy a nodejs API with mongoDB and Express.
But I have this propblem that I don´t know what it means. Does anyone help me please? Thanks!!

Hi @rojasayelen, welcome!

So “??” is a nullish coaslescing operator and this was only introduced to Node fairly recently compared to the default version of Node that Glitch uses. I’d set your Node engine to 16.x to use the latest version we have on containers - you can see how to do that here in this help doc: Can I change the version of node.js my project uses? - Glitch Support

By the way, I often use to see what version of Node is required for various operators and functions, like here: Node.js ES2015/ES6, ES2016 and ES2017 support

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