More Benefits from Helping

Glitch allows you to use your Own Custom Domain by Getting Thanked Twice
What if Glitch Gave Extra Benefits like slightly Increased Disk,Memory and CPU
just increase The Overall Performance of projects (maybe by 10-15%) If that Is to be Added i think it is be that you can Apply and Unapply it to 3 projects in total and combined with premium Boosted Projects Will Cause them to become Nitro boosted projects (Something along the lines of that)

What do you guys Think?

Edit: i also Think you can also Get More Requests an Hour and Maybe your Project can Stay On Longer without Requests and longer in total Like Instead of 12 hours before it sleeps it is 15 hours this could be if you hit 15 Thanks
The Power of Helping others Powers your Projects

Also i actually did not except many people to like the idea Thanks all

Edit 2: Also Maybe Glitch can Prompt you if your code is erroring a Lot or not running if you need Help and How to Get it

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You have my vote, I think this is a very intersting idea!


if i could give a vote, i would

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Same with me, I would vote if I hadn’t reached the limit :frowning:

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It’s promising. You also have my vote.

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We could also use the forum API ( in case some users complain that they’re not being thanked despite helping others.


Maybe instead of thanks on, you could be rewarded for likes on


I’m out of votes, but i think this is a great idea

i also think this is a great idea, and im like 80% sure that its completely feasible with discourse’s api


I really think that @glitch_support should see this. Most of the help on Glitch happens on this forum, and not on Glitch anymore. I think this is a great idea!

You should make some sort of combined login system for Glitch and Glitch Support (Discourse) so the accounts get linked. And the thanks feature can be replaced with the amount of likes a discourse profile has.


Let’s give Glitch some time first as they’re dealing with this downtime (too big to call it a downtime) and I’m sure they’ll add new features. Like the new dashboard which lists all your projects:


Woah!!! Thats so cool! Where did you heard about this?

It seems to be a Management Dashboard for your projects So you Active and deactivate Boost and archive Your Projects

They Could integrate what i suggested into That
Also While i was Browsing i thought that Rate Limits (if there are Still any That is) can also Be increased
And Maybe Glitch can Also Prompt Users if they Are Detecting bugs in Code About the Help Feature
You know this one?
Glitch Can Make sure Starting Devs like Me Or people Wanting to Help Know These Features Exist
Maybe Just a Small pop up on the Right Telling them about it and it will have the options To Dismiss and you can tick Do not show me again if you wish not to have them

Ohhhh an API i want to Try it Now see if i can Have Stats Grabbed for Users

I don’t know, I was trying to delete all my unwanted projects and I accidentally deleted one of the projects I needed. So I clicked “Archived projects” and I got this dashboard that was very useful.


That ended up being quite useful since today I logged on and somehow my modifed projects were out of order
Also what if helpful members could have disk that gets synced with all their projects?

Nowadays, people ask for help via the forums and the thanks system is not used at all.


and discourse has a nice api so this can fit perfectly :smiley:


Really good idea there! Maybe Increasing the project hours, it would be nice!

voted! :slight_smile: cool idea.

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Maybe we can have a project grant system? Where we say, I’m gonna make , can I get a grant. And you have to be specific so you can’t say “Epic discord bot”