More information on technical limitations


Back when Glitch was HyperDev, this question was posted:

In summary, the container limitations mentioned were:

  • Container sleeps after 2 min of inactivity
  • Container is destroyed after 15 min (no matter the activity)

However, in the more recent FAQ entry, it says:

  • Container sleeps after 5 min of inactivity
  • Nothing about containers being destroyed
  • Some other things that aren’t really relevant to my questions

My questions are: Does this information about containers being destroyed still apply? and What does a sleeping container mean for my application?


Containers are no longer destroyed, they just sleep and now have a persistent filesystem. A sleeping container means your app is idle until it is woken, such as by someone visiting an URL endpoint defined in your app or some other input depending on the functionality of your app.


Can you clarify what “active” means. I have an app that listens on websockets and generates push events, but has much less frequent incoming connections.

Will I get in trouble for using uptimerobot or something to keep it awake?


Unless anything changed, this is the most recent answer to that question: A simple Twitter bot template