More Paid Plans

A lot of people want just always on, some both more disk and always on like me.

For me, I have a lot of projects. 5 is too low, I am willing to pay more. I need more disk space too.

I have brainstormed a few plan ideas:

  1. Basic Boost Plan
  • One “Always On” Project
  • 500MB Disk Space
  1. Premium Boost Plan
  • Three “Always On” Projects
  • 1GB
  • 2X CPU
  1. Premium Plus Boost Plan
  • Five “Always On” Projects
  • 2GB
  • 3X CPU
  • 2X Memory
  1. Platinum Boost Plan
  • Ten (or maybe something else) “Always On” Projects
  • 5 GB
  • 3X CPU
  • 3X Memory

Not sure about you guys, but I honestly really need more disk space. Thank you Glitch staff for the amazing platform!

You have my vote. Well planned out.

Maybe there could be an a la carte option, which cost a few cents more then getting it in a plan?

Yeah, something like that would be good too.

This is a great idea! I upvote this.

No, this is pretty much paying just to make a basic project.

None of the options OP suggested are currently available for what you call basic (I believe you mean unboosted?) projects. Please further explain your point?


The premium boost plan suggests 1GB and 2X CPU

I am not sure what you are talking about. OP gave ideas to make upgraded projects.

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Maybe a pick what you what kind of plan

You pick how much of what you want

example (not saying this should be an exact copy as Glitch should figure out what works for them in prices and what to offer and how they are gonna do it):

512gb RAM more = $2.50 (again just random examples)
1 cpu core extra = $3.50

Um…The free plan would stay as is? All it’s doing is making the premium plans cheaper by making more tiers. Can you not just downvote posts without spending 30 seconds reading them? It’s getting incredibly annoying…


No, that is not true. If you mean number one, he/she added a “Always on” idea.

and 500MB Disk Space… which is needed for a basic website

Still, you get a “Always on” project. You don’t get that in the free version.

Some price suggestions (originally was going to be brainstormed too but cut out since i didn’t think this thread would be bigger than just like 2 or 3 replies)…

Basic Boost Plan: $2.99
Premium Boost Plan: $6.99
Premium Plus Boost Plan: $11.99
Platinum Boost Plan: $16.99

Individual Project Boost (Basic): $1.99
Individual Project Boost (Premium): $3.99
Individual Project Boost (Premium Plus): $6.99
Individual Project Boost (Platinum): $8.99

For individuals, only one project could be boosted. Of course, all of these prices and plans could be up to Glitch if they do decide to take a look into this. Thank you once again.