More powerfull projects for students


Since im a student and i use glitch to program just about everything ;). I sometimes hit container limits like storage and ram and sometimes cpu (While compiling and running intensive projects). So could you add more powerful containers for students!


Hey @Matthew-MK, we expect to offer paid options that would likely include some increases to technical restrictions sometime in the future. What aspects of the current container limitations would be most useful to have increased?

I’ve moved this post to the Feature Ideas category - please don’t forget to vote for it or other ideas you find worthwhile.


Would be kinda awsome if you could talk to teachers, and give them / and the stundent account some type of boost


Oh, maybe Glitch could integrate with the GitHub Student pack to give students free access to paid upgrades?


Yeah it would be a nice idea to incorporate it in the GitHub education pack.
The Cpu and storage should be increased and maybe ram.