More votes in feature ideas

you have a number of votes, you see a bunch of great ideas and when you realise you have burned through your limit. You feel like crying.

Annoying eh?

that is why we need more votes!, having 4 or 5 isn’t enough. Some would need at least 10 or even no limits!

let me know what you think

Now how do I vote for more votes? :thinking:


Can’t vote for more votes as I haven’t got any votes


I have an idea, and it’ll work better for people without any votes left.

We need more votes.

  • I agree
  • I disagree

0 voters

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I just realized I don’t have any votes for this idea :man_facepalming: You still have my vote tho

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That’s why I made the above poll

Yeah I know, I clicked “I agree”

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@glitch_support that poll is how many people need more votes :sweat_smile:

If you can vote, please do!

If you can’t, use the poll by @khalby786!

@glitch_support Take a peek please.

Voted on poll and on vote!


You have my vote!