More Ways to Share (and more!)


We’ve updated your project Sharing options to give you more ways to share, and make access permissions – and their implications – easier to understand.

The public/private project toggle now lives inside the Share button.

share options

– Your Pal Pirijan

And more

  • Embeds make it easy to share code snippets, tutorials, and cool apps inside Medium posts. To make that easier, you can now generate a Medium (and Embedly) embed link from Share ➡ Share Embed – Pirijan
  • Like a helpful friend, the New File button now always appears in the sidebar, even if you’ve got a really tall filetree – by Tara
  • Renaming files in the filetree is a bit nicer now – stay tuned for even more filetree updates from Sheridan

Project shuts down randomly

Thanks i noticed that just today. I am wondering whether its ok to create a new idea topic where i will love to suggest that you split the way new files and folders are created.

i know that traditionally to create a folder you do something like this

myfolder/mytext.txt for it to create a text file in a directory or folder as i refer to it.

Hope to hear from you soonest