Most effective way to host discord bot?

I was using Heroku [i have also tried Glitch] as a host for Discord bot but these Websites have Server Refreshes meaning the data is recopied from GitHub and the previous data of Chat Xp is lost.

I was thinking of a way so the files are not lost or maybe i can just store files somewhere and then get it [DataBase?] i am not used Database and I don’t know if it will even work as the files are erased so as long as I don’t have a Good way where files aren’t erased or a database i can easily access and is not to be used Through Github I can’t go ahead so i would really like to know what community thinks about this situation.
Here is more info-
Making a Xp system like Mee6 [website changes or anything isn’t required]
commands and everything is ready But the data is erased/refresh every 24hrs

Thank You for reply

I have found a MongoDB as database if anyone wants you can use it

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I should recommend to use sqlite or mongodb. SQLITE is easy to use.

Glitch keeps the files :slight_smile:

What are you suggesting?