Mouse selecting not working sometimes

Hello there,

since this morning I have an issue with Mouse Selecting.
Indeed I select a block of lines by keeping the left clic pressed, when I release it, sometimes it deselects.
I add the images, of what I do, what happens, and what is supposed to happen (In this order).
Selecting :

When I release the mouse :

What I would like once I release :
(Happening in most cases but not all )

I thought it came from me, or my mouse, but I have no problem elsewhere.

Anyone else having this ?

I haven’t been able to reproduce this. Which browser version and OS are you using?

Firefox 53.0.3
Is it possible to upload a video ?
( Sometimes it doesn’t happen for 10-20 selections… :smiley: )

Is that on Mac OS X? No, you can only link to videos hosted elsewhere. Feel free to DM a dropbox link or similar if that’s easier.

Windows 10, sorry
On Youtube , you can access it ?
Sorry for the quite bad quality and the overlay of Camtasia…

It happens at around 10sec and at the end ~18sec

EDIT : I think you may forget this, I have the same problem on Google Hangout, probably come from me ! :smiley:

Ok, fair enough. Let us know if it persists and you think it’s not something on your side. Just FYI: I couldn’t view the video, it said it wasn’t available?

I changed things on the vidéo, it is now viewable by everybody I hope !