Moving problem in the site

I don’t know if it’s a feature on Glitch, but i’d like to remove it. So when someone moves in my website, I move as well, and i’d like to remove that, but don’t know how?

Hey there,
That’s definitely not a feature. Perhaps, a bug. Also, I’ve never come across this bug, must be new.
Please contact the Glitch staff for further help!

Hey @cori, please look into the issue.

It’s interesting, I’m using a Bootstrap template and currently making a website for a clan. However when I tested moving on the website it moves my phone’s website as well the same time, I’m not in the same Google account and tested Incognito so the website is pretty much unusable if this doesn’t get fixed.

I’ve just found out that the original boostrap template has the same feature, how would i remove this? This is the original template