My application got suspended bc topic 13184?


Can someone help me why this is happening?

I haven’t been into this myself.
But based of what I can see, you most likely had a few lines of code in your project that took way too much resources.
What was your project for? A website? A Discord bot? etc
Did you have any code running infinitely? If so, what was the code? What did it do? What was it intended to do? etc
Either way, to get your project restored, you have to make sure it wasn’t malicious and then mail containing something like “Refrence topic 13184” in the topic, and then show them it isn’t malicious to get it restored.
At least that is what I get from that alert.
I might be wrong, I might have said something wrong. Anyways, what I am trying to say in short, make sure it isn’t malicious and then mail about it, and if it’s not malicious, it should be restored.

Hey @Corey6945 I’ll respond via private message.