My bot can't login in discord

My discord bot can’t login…
Message: “Giriş yapılırken bir hata oluştuError: Something took too long to do”
(Giriş yapılırken bir hata oluştu == Turkish)
Project name: asuna-trbot

@Kyoya this seems to be a pretty common problem with Discord bots – the problem usually is that you’re on an IP that’s been blocked by Discord. This post should help!

Let me know if that doesn’t point you in the right direct :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t fixed. Not workinq same :confused:

As I understand the bug, the issue is that many users share an IP on Glitch. If one of the discord bots is erroring, it might cause the entire IP to be banned. If you post your project name and the error in the thread that I shared, an admin can move your project onto a different host and it should start working again.

@househaunt My project name is : asuna-trbot
I remixed but not worked :confused:

Hey @Kyoya, I just checked both your bot and our hosts, and neither are currently banned. Sometimes Discord bans IPs temporarily, so perhaps yours was in this situation. Are you still having problems?