My bot can't login


Helo, my problem is that my Discord bot just can’t login, i have a command handler and it works, but when it needs to login, it doesn’t, and doesn’t give me any errors, only after 5 minutes it says “something took too long to do”. I don’t know what happened, can someone help?


Hey @PandaDriver156, welcome to the Glitch forum!

We did have a host banned by Discord; I’m moving projects running on it to another, unbanned host. I can’t say for sure if that’s the problem you’re running into, but that’s a common error for this problem.

If your project was running on this host that error should resolve itself in the near future. If you want t0 provide your project name I can check to see if it was running on that host.

Sorry for the bother!


Looks like it works now, thanks!


And my project’s name is 8ball-dc


Hi cori, how did the host get banned by Discord?


Hey @SuperOP535 that’s hard to tell. We don’t even know which bot was banned, and each host typically has a number of bots running on it. We can’t see the responses being sent back to Discord API calls, so we have no way of knowing which bot was banned or why.

What we do know from what Discord has told us is that the most common problem is that a bot’s token gets revoked for some sort of violation but the bot continues to call the API with a now-revoked token. Eventually Discord’s servers ban the entire IP to make the invalid token calls stop.