My bot can't reply in Announcement channels

My project’s name is RobertTBS Bot, located at ping_pong.js – roberttbs-bot (

For some reason, with any permissions, my bot can’t seem to listen to or speak in any announcement channels. I have tried with channels with the same permissions but one is announcement, one not, but it still won’t show a message.

I’m sing the default scripts with only a bit of modifying to create the command.

Maybe you need what’s in server.js?

const discordBotkit = require("botkit-discord");

const configuration = {
  token: process.env.DISCORD_TOKEN

const discordBot = discordBotkit(configuration);
var normalizedPath = require("path").join(__dirname, "skills");

  .forEach(function(file) {
    require("./skills/" + file)(discordBot);

module.exports = discordBot;

I think you forgot a module (also i’m not good at nodejs at all)