My bot glitch OK page does not say OK


when i try to click on the LIVE button it says it cant find that page.
for some reason

i would appreciate some help


Sorry about, we had an outage earlier which we’re recovering from ( Let us know the name of your project if problems persist.


You app needs to let Express listen on a port in order to be able to display the ok page. However, you already have another module in your project which is using the port (something related to a dbl webhook).


can you remove that dbl webhook


I had removed it for you, which solved your issue. But another project member has re-added it.


oh yeah he made that webhook


it says OK now thank you very much


It’ll break again when the project next restarts due to the webhook being re-enabled.


oh god
can you please come help me


with this 3000 error
and remove it completely what he didd


alright thank you so much