My bot has stopped working

Last night my bot calling Chamander stopped working entirely. It just appeared online, but nothing worked, then when I went to check the glitch, my terminal was locked and I could not make the bot work.
Could this be some kind of glitch error or something in my terminal ??? It’s been a month since it’s been working properly, so it’s hard to be coming from me.

Are you able to access your project at all? If so, could you click on “share” and copy “invite others to edit” and send me the link privately so I can take a closer look!

MOD EDIT: removed token

Hey @YatoBotI I cleaned out your invite token; please send it to @Callum-OKane in a private message by clicking on their avatar and selecting Message.

Hello sir I @cori I m facing the same problem in my glitch project. The bot only stay online but do not respond any message. When I find this I tried to refresh but then the bot goes offline and glitch only loads the command but do not login to the bot. Then I decided to remix it which solve my problem but then after some hours same issue. The bot is working with that code from a long time and even after remix. But stop working some hours. After that the bot only stay online that’s it.
Project name: shreyashkira-kira
Page link:!/shreyashkira-kira?path=index.js%3A1%3A42