My bot is down often

Hello, I do not know if it’s all about Glitch but my project goes offline automatically without error

Edit: I’m going on uptime and it tells me that the project and connection timeout


Hey @zeis974, can you post a picture of your UptimeRobot configuration for this so we can check it out (and also look at the project)?

Here My project is : odium-bot

Your project isn’t sending a web page at that address, so UptimeRobot never gets a response when it asks for it and times out

You need something like what I’ve done in!/discordjs-bot-extended?path=server.js to send some sort of response to UptimeRobot when it asks for your site. It doesn’t need to be an actual web page - any sort of successful response will work fine.

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Ok very thanks @cori ^^

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I have to use the code in server.js?

It has to be in the execution path. You could put it in a different file as long as you require that file from your executed code (in your case server.js).

Oh no it’s good I found it thank you for your help

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