My bot wont on for 24/7, even though I'm using UptimeRobot

So my friend make 2 bots on Glitch and he need help from me to built it. So then I help it and make it 24/7. But after roughly 5 mins, both bots are offline, even though I’m using UptimeRobot. So my question is, Is there’s something wrong with my code or with the glitch server. Thanks

PS: If you want to see it: The project name are: gardens-cafe-bot and terencebot

Is this still an issue for you, or did you figure it out? Only, from looking at the code the project is set up ok, so hitting the root url from Uptime Robot should keep the project alive without issue. If you’re still having issues, share a screenshot of your UptimeRobot config screen and we can check everything is ok there. Thanks.

Ok it’s fixed. I double check it and the URL wasn’t right. Thanks for helping!

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