My bot won't open?

Hi, I have a bot for discord, but it doesn’t open, it opens, it closes soon, so I checked if there are any errors, but it’s okay, it doesn’t even give errors, I thought it was about this place and I wrote it down, can you help?

And I opened my bot on another server and it worked fine I didn’t have a problem but I need to run it here

What does your bot do??

Moderation takes on the necessary things, such as music, emoji role, recording system

Did you make the bot?

Of course I made the bot. active since 2020.

Sorry, I need more info. What do you mean by doesn’t open? Also can you send a link of the code, and a clip of your bot not working.

The mistake he made, as far as I remember, was this: EventEmitter memory leak detected - but I solved this error.

The bot boots up but after a few minutes it goes offline again…

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