My bot wont run interval events

Hi guys! I’m making a discord bot on Discord Bot Maker. When I run it on DBM or on cmd, the bot works fine. But when hosting on Glitch, the commands work, the start event works, but the interval event does not, it simply won’t run. It is supposed to run every 10 seconds. How can I fix this?

Can you elaborate, please?

For example. My bot setups up and alarm using a command. This command works fine in cmd, DBM and Glitch. Then, there is an event that should run every 10 seconds, this event checks if the alarm should go off based on UTC time and the time inserted on the alarm command. This specific event is not triggering, despite working on DBM and my cmd, with the exact same code.

I’m not known and after a while didn’t find any solutions to my project as well, sorry man and sorry for the late response.