My code keeps loading and loading

my code keeps loading and loading but its a very short code

see the code and please help me to solve the problem:

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Some parts of Glitch are specialized for building web apps. The “Loading” indicator is one of those things. It spins until your app puts up an HTTP server. If you never do, for example when your project only runs a discord bot, then it’ll stay “Loading” forever.

At this point it may be worth thinking about whether this really is a problem. It doesn’t mean that your bot isn’t running (of course, it doesn’t mean that your bot is running either). If you’re not making a website, then maybe it’s fine as it is.

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nope the bot also doesnt start

Hey @TOXIC_GhOuL, welcome :slight_smile:

What does the Logs window say if you open it (Tools → Logs)? Is it installing packages or something?

@SteGriff No it is not installing any thing

I Think now I have to move my self on

Many people have far more complex Discord bots running here without issue. If you think you will have better luck elsewhere perhaps you will but perhaps you won’t.

Before we spend an undue amount of time do you want to fix your issues or try elsewhere?

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