My codes have been erased

Hello, I have absolutely no idea why but my codes have been erased from my “nostalgic-lupin” project, I may go and see in “Rewind” but there is nothing at all …
I have no more information to bring, I hope that we can find my code which was used for a personal Discord bot. It was now a few days ago, I took a little time before I decided to ask for help, thanks in advance.

Is the Discord bot still online and working? Also, what does your browser console look like?

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My bot is off because there are no more codes on my page

In my memories, I remember doing “reset” instead of “refresh” in my console, maybe that’s it :s
I left at the same time and I returned to my project only a few days later and everything was gone …

Thanks for trying to help me

@ProfilD, I’m sure @glitch_support can get you the latest backups of the projects!

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Contact There was a thread about this recently on the forums.


But what about this…?

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I said what I had to say on this: I made some false manipulations and I think I made a command which reset my project.
I will contact support by email, thank you very much for your advice !