My cpu is full and my server keeps freezing

In my project server (7rodo boii). My server keeps freezing and now it doesn’t load at all, i dont know how to decrease cpu and stop the freezing. It normally fixes when i add and remove a character in the script but thats not the case

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Check how many node modules you have. They can use all your cpu and then glitch forcefully stops your server for 15 seconds

ooof well you may want to try one of the like hundreds of lad removing things thats various people made and also sometimes there is too many entities for the server to handle

edit: for anyone that doesnt code arras servers sorry if you dont get that stuff i said

also what did you add last like did you add somthing to server.js / comfig.json or have you just been editing definitions.js

What’s your project name?
Also, go to the console, and type “refresh”.
This should help some

he says it its 7rodo boii

Hey @7rodo, welcome to the Glitch forum!

CPU issues can be really hard to track down. Your project’s issues seem to come and go, so that leads me to believe there are one or more specific functions that are causing the issue. The first thing I’d try to do is to add some logging so you can try to determine what your project is doing when it hits the CPU limit. Once you have a few candidates you can comment them out one at a time to see which one’s actually causing the problem, and then go from there to determine the best solution.

where do i find refresh

Hey @7rodo, you have to open your project’s console and type refresh there.

thanks, after a few months visit