My custom domain says already registered for glitch

hi, i just bought a domain and i want to use it for my glitch app
my site is and my project name is discord-miku
it says is already registered for glitch
ive searched about how to remove it but i didnt get any answer related till now.
how do i remove it?
thanks in advanced

An admin should come online and see this, domain removal isn’t implemented yet.

still waiting for admins :frowning:

Most admins are out of day timezone I’d presume, best you can do is wait.

yeah, will wait :smiley:
thank you!

Hey @shidoitsuka,

I’ll ping @Glitch_Response so that they get to know about this!

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thank you!
i didn’t know you could do that, honestly :joy:

You can still save the domain to another project if it’s urgent

Thanks for the ping all!

Hi @shidoitsuka! I just checked and it looks like the custom domain, is already connected to your discord-miku project. Do you still want us to remove it?

@tasha yes please, i kind of want to start over again :smiley:


Thanks for the update! That domain has now been removed from your project. If you have any questions, let us know!

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thank you very much!
here’s a love for y’all :heart:

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hi @tasha could you do the remove thing again, please?

@Glitch_Response anyone?

Hey @shidoitsuka,

Your domain removal may take a while, because:


Hey @shidoitsuka,

Thanks for letting us know!

We have removed that custom domain from your project.

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hi @tasha merry christmas, and sorry but
could you please remove custom domain and
thanks in advanced

CC @Glitch_Response


Your domain removal might take a while because:

thanks for the info!

hi @shidoitsuka - i just deleted those two domains for you!