My discord bot (discord bot maker) doesn't want to go online. [HELP]

Everything went well until the end my bot would not start up could someone help me please! Maked in discord bot maker btw!


Hi @LouayAttahiri, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Can you help us help you by providing your project name?

@cori my project name is: honored-ixia

Thanks @LouayAttahiri! Can you help us understand better what’s going wrong with your project? It looks like it’s running to me, and the app page at loads and there are no errors in the Logs.

Exactly that everything goes well but in a tutorial it says at the end that the bot is ready and not with me :frowning:

Have you made sure to put your bots token in, and use the correct one?
If you have, and still do not know what is wrong, then you can send me an invite to your project, so I can see what is going on, and hopefully fix the problem!

Do you have discord add me pls louay#7766

if you want support you need to contuine talking with people here. they arent gonna take time assisting you if you dont take the time to check the thread :thinking:

Try typing refresh in the console

Does the bot not start at all?

Waiting to be deleted.

any errors in the console?

yes, you’re on a banned ip

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other bots can be on the same ip or there’s an error with your bot that spams the api

Possibly, afaik anything that isn’t triggered by a user action is api abuse

if it sends too many requests to the api in a short amount of time you get banned maybe try making it wait like 1/2 seconds before sending to the webhook to try and stop the api spam which bans the ip

Post the banned project on the Discord Ban mega-thread.

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Make sure to add the name of your bot to that post.

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Pleas eprovide more info. Such as your logs.

The issue was already solved