My Discord Bot Does Not Open

Hi I have a Discord Bot called Greax but it doesn’t open I want to fix the error.

do you have a package.json file? if yes make sure you have added a start script like { "scripts": { "start": "node server.js" } }

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if there is an error, can you send it here? or do you have a package.json file (@R4yGM :slight_smile: )

No have error

4 Kas 2019 Pzt 17:46 tarihinde Project Hammer via Glitch Support şunu yazdı:

Can you send me your Glitch “Invite others to edit” link on my Discord DM?
My discord is: m3rt#7132 I’m always online.

don’t send anybody your private project URL

It likely isn’t working because of the server outage that’s happening right now.

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