My discord bot has been banned from glitch

Hello, I recently noticed that a friend had banned his project in glitch for hosting the discord bot, I entered the project of my bot and I realized that mine also happened the same, My question is how do I recover the data from my banned project?. I need a clear and understandable question from the glitch support.

Was your bot banned from Glitch or from Discord?

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How do you know the bot is banned? What errors or messages are you getting?

I suspect it was from the ping service, my bot specializes in multipurpose

Yes. Pinging services have now been banned by Glitch. Sorry! :frowning: You can self-host (Raspberry Pis are great!) or find a new host :slight_smile:

You would not have been banned from the ping service however. Can you link your project so I can see if it is banned from Glitch?