My discord guilds database has been all wiped out?!


Its me again with another database problem but this time im very confused, all the guilds settings that were stored inside the database has been all wiped out??!!


What database were you storing them in? What’s the name of the project?


im using a .json database coded by my friend and the name of the project is “mayumi-beta”


If the json database file isn’t listed in a .gitignore file and isn’t in the .data directory, then you should be able to use Rewind and roll the project back to a prior state before it lost the data. Use the two left arrow icon to the side of the Logs button


I don’t see anything to suggest that Glitch deleted your files. There’s a guilds.json in your databases directory. It could be a bug in the application, or it could be that you’re expecting to see changes in the editor when the files change. That won’t happen automatically - if you want the editor to pick up changes that happened programmatically, you can run the refresh command to cause the files to reload.


the guilds.json wasn’t like that it got wiped and i reseted it when i fund out that the old settings are gone


What did it look like when it was wiped? Was the file still there? Corrupted? Empty?


the file was still there but there was nothing in it, not even the “{}”
and the bot was offline due to the guilds database beeing wiped


That sounds like it could be due to a bug in the app itself. Since the rest of your files were still there, I think it’s not likely that Glitch erased it. If your project was out of disk space, maybe the db code you’re using would open the file to rewrite it and then fail, leaving an empty file. You could take a look at how much space you’re using with df in the console.


i dont think its because of limited hard drive space