My disk is full

my project seems to have gotten a full disk. I tried deleting some things a pruning it but that did help at all… what can I do to clear up space? my file name is “bandit-discord”

Hi @MonkleeGamer, I’m going to take a look at your project and see if I can figure out where the space is going

It does look like your git data is taking up a lot of space. You can try running git prune and git gc in the project’s console.

I’ve already run git prune and git gc. It didnt seem to help.

okay, I’ll take a look.

At this point your project has run out of space. I can temporarily resize your project so it can be cleaned up. You’ll likely need to add your database files (.sqlite) to a .gitignore file so they don’t re-fill your git history. Let me know if you’d like to resize the project- it will be temporarily unavailable during the process.

How would I go about adding it to a gitignore. Would I just prefix my SQLite file with gitignore.

You’ll need to create a file called .gitignore (starting with the dot), and then put the names of files you want to ignore in it, each on its own line. something like this


but with the names of your files. Since .sqlite databases change constantly, I recommend you put them in there.

Everytime i add the score.sqlite into the .gitignore it seems to disappear in both the .gitignore file AND from the list off all files. Then shortly reappears in the list of all files on the left… doenst seem to reduce disk space. Am I doing something wrong with my saving?

Hey @MonkleeGamer, this may have to do with just how full your project is, which can cause editor problems when you go beyond the limit (and yours is just above, once all is said and done). I’ve expanded your storage space temporarily (for 24 hours) to give you time to try the steps @potch mentioned.

Hope this helps!


Your project is full, which is the cause of the file disappearing from the .gitignore file and the reasoning of the file not showing in the file list, is because when a file/folder is in the .gitignore file, then you will not be able to see the files in the folder/file in the .gitignore, but your project can change its contents and access it anytime!