My domain is already registered for glitch

hi im writing here since i recently switched to a new domain host and since then i have to update their dns records to point here but i was in a rush and didnt get a picture of the old dns records and now when i try to add a custom domain i get the error is already registered for glitch

if you could delete that record so i can readd it to get the new dns info

the project is called: kidigrafisk
the domain name in use is:

Hi @kidigrafisk, due to some changes in the handling of these domains, you should be able to use for the CNAME record at your registrar instead of the * domain that was presented when you registered the custom domain.

If you could give that a try and let us know how it goes that would be great! If it doesn’t work as expected we can retrieve the shw.i domain information for you.

how do you mean exactly?

so i set the cname to : only?

what about the other dns settings like A record, what should that be?

Yep, that’s exactly what I mean!

If you need an A record instead you would do the same thing you’d have to do with the domain name - find the IP address of that domain by pinging it or the like. There’s a little more information that might help in this help article.

it doesnt seem to work, im not sure if im doing it right

That looks perfect, and it looks like it’s working from where I’m sitting!

Sometimes DNS settings take a while to make their way through the internet, so maybe that’s taking a little longer for you?

This test site shows: 3599 IN CNAME

ok so now www works, how to i make it recognise without www?

That depends on your domain hosting service. This is where the help article I linked to might come in handy - specifically it depends on whether your registrar supports a record type like a CNAME for your apex domain (the one without the www). If it does, you can add the same thing for that record, but if it doesn’t you’ll have to add an A type record and point it to the IP address of (the dig tool I pointed to before shows 299 IN A

Let us know if you have further questions!