My domain is taken

Hello! When I try to enter a custom domain on glitch, it says “Hostname is already taken.” I already used that domain and deleted the project, but I need to use it on a new one. How should I do that? Thank you.

Hey @kikorp78,

Deleting a project does not remove the custom domain that is linked with that project. To unlink your custom domain so that you can use it in another project, first un-delete that project and then mail to remove it for you!

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Hey @khalby786, how should I undelete the project?

To undelete a project, you to your profile page on Scroll down and look for the part of your page that says deleted projects. Click show and click undelete on the project you would like ot restore.
Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 11.02.11 AM

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