My domain name is already registered

I deleted another project that had my domain and the domain was, the new project is ‘dumlist’

try entering another url instead in your project
and copying the url,
then add the url to the dns setting on freenom

Hi there @Castmary - can you email with the domain and also the name of the project it’s currently attached to - you’ll need to undelete that project so we can remove the record, but then you can redelete afterwards and then set the domain up with the new project.

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Go to, Login go to services> your domains > > url fowerding > url> > type > 505 forwording

Or you can get another one like .ml or a few other free ones or you can pay for an safe one with id shield aka .tk with 1 year or .com its super cheap

@jenn already solved the problem.

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