My edu's email account can not receive the login code

I tried many times that my Gmail’s account can receive the login code but my edu’s account can not.
I want to log in with my edu’s account because I have some projects that I need to edit and check.

Could someone help me to solve this problem?

I know this sounds dumb, but try refreshing your .edu email. If this does not work, maybe contact your .edu mail admin and see if they have emails from Glitch on a blacklist.

i had this problem, have you integrated github?

or check your spam folder

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I could receive the log in code with EDU’s email account about 2 months ago and I have checked that there is no blacklist in my account…

I have not integrated Github and there is no emails in my spam folder…

try to connect your account with github, im not sure myself but the help pages should tell you