My Facebook account has been closed I can't access the glitch


I can’t access my glitch account because my Facebook account has been closed, please help me I have important projects in my account

Hey @MeliL I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble logging in.

I see an email address associated with that account. Can you log in using the “Sign in with Email” option? If you have a GitHub or Google account associated with that email address you should be able to use one of those as well.

I have connected but 2 accounts available with the same mail

Hey there, that’s not the email address associated with the @MeliL account on Glitch, which is from the domain, so an account with the email address you mention won’t connect you up. Do you have access to an email with that specific domain?

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I did not enter the mail in my facebook account I tried it and it was still thanks @cori

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