My feedback on having to pay to private projects

It wasn’t me, I was genuinely wondering what discord server that was, however, there is cases of over flagging on the forum, not something new.

You will not have to pay for private projects, nor will any of your private projects become public. It would be better if this thread was deleted.

for people who i think i am shouting with the use h1 tags, very very sorry


I tried deleting this but I can’t.

if this is true- i’m not having any of this.

Nobody will pay for privitising projects- I get the idea and that they need the money but seriously!

How do you of know?

Word from the Glitch Staff.


Could you please quote them?

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No matter what we end up shipping, we will not be toggling every private code app to public

That’s all I can say. @glitch_support will clarify this thread themselves here.


Personally, I don’t think Glitch should be focusing on this. They should work on adding more tiers and adding more features, not taking away current features.

No, they are not!


I’m not saying that Glitch is going to get rid of free private projects, but its in the hidden features list so its always a possibility.

No, it’s been a misunderstanding, that “hidden feature” is not what you’re thinking.