My files don't show up immediately

I wrote a script that downloads files from youtube and then is supposed to delete them once they download; however, the new files don’t show up immediately. The purpose of it is to make files downloadable for users and the problem is that the files don’t show up as soon as their downloaded. How do I fix this?

I just commented on one of your other threads, but for this problem it depends on what you mean by “show up”. If you mean in the editor then you’re running into a known issue wherein the backend and the editor don’t automatically sync - if you’re modifying files on the back end (whether that’s through the console or via code) those changes (including new files) won’t show up in the editor until you run the refresh command (which will also restart your app).

If that’s the issue you’re concerned with you can use Node’s child-process module to execute refresh, but remember that this will restart your app.

If that’s not what you mean then we need some more information about what you do mean. As I noted in the other thread, watching your logs it appears that your script is downloading files that won’t fit in the space you have available, so you’ll need to check for that when you process the download. Perhaps that’s why they’re not showing up?

Ok. I seem to have gotten it working. It seems the problem is that I deleted the line that makes the videos directory available to users!