*my* first glitch app lol

4 years ago today (well technically tomorrow, but it will be the weekend so I’m observing it today), I started a new job at a company called Fog Creek to work on a new community-focused version of their cloud IDE that they were renaming to Glitch (a much better name imho)!

I took a week off between my previous job and this new one and used some of that time to play around with this new (to me) product and (among other things) made https://makecheckboxart.glitch.me/ (warning: pixel butt). You can even see the old product name in there. And I’m pretty sure this json does not work when you try to import it into makebitart - it’s that old! What a journey!

One of my favorite parts of working on Glitch is talking to y’all, seeing all of the cool stuff that you make, and also seeing the community help each other - and even us at the company. So, I wanted thank y’all for the past 4 years, or however long you’ve been here since I joined, for being a part of the community with me. Let’s keep making cool stuff this year and beyond, yeah?


Happy anniversary! That is a great app. :slight_smile:


You and all the staff at Glitch are awesome! The fact you’re on the forum almost every day, update the blog and also go on an unofficial Discord channel and answer questions is absolutely amazing! :slight_smile:
Happy anniversary!
Plus you look at people’s projects and share them


Thanks, @EddiesTech :cowboy_hat_face:


Wait, is it possible to import from pxon? :grimacing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink: