My gaming website coding area won't load

Hello. I am making a gaming website with my friends, but recently ive been trying to get in to the coding area and it refuses to load. I have tried reloading the browser, and even restarting the computer, but it won’t run. It’s not because the project ran out of hours, my friend hosts it on his account and he still has time. The actuall website loads just fine though.

Hi @ChocolateChara

What is the name of the project that is not loading?

If you prefer to share the info privately, you can send us a support request.

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Its called Sky Arcade, if you need it heres the link:
I asked some of my friends who know about it if it worked and it doesn’t work for them either.

@ChocolateChara thanks for that information! It looks like your project may have landed on a host that has become unresponsive. I have alerted the team here and they should be able to get this fixed for you shortly. As soon as it has been done, I will post an update here.


Thankyou for helping!

Your project should be connecting now!

If you still get a connecting error, definitely let me know!

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