My glitch broke, and the code won't even load?

We’ve had a glitch for a long time, but recently when I checked it, it was broken and returns errors, including when trying to remix the code itself: Glitch :・゚✧

Feels like some corruption on the backend with glitch…?

Can’t even download the code. :confused:

huh. Seems like it was likely some temporary downtime. working now…

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I was actually mistaken – I was able to get an older version (here) to load, but still not the most recent version that I linked to in my first post.

how big is the project? it could take some time to load if it’s a large project.

it’s similar in size to the older version I posted that does still work (and that does not take excessively long to load).

you could email and ask them to revert your project to an older version which still works (if they have one).

Note: I emailed about this. They had some glitches on their end (wasn’t using the `node engine >= 16’ tag correctly for some reason?), and also they had to manually re-open it, and it was near capacity and was taking 10 minutes to load for them.