My glitch project is stuck on "Loading project"

After I edited some of my code in a .json file and went to restart the bot, the project never refreshed through the console. The bot is still working and online on Discord’s side although I am unable to log in as the only screen I see when I click Edit Project is the Loading Project screen.

The project name is vortex-panel and on private mode.

Can you upload a photo of the logs?

uploaded @RiversideRocks

Hmm. You may want to contact and ask that they “hard restart” your project.

Im waiting glitch support.
Im dont send gmail.

I got this error message, the number might help Glitch Support. (Was also stuck on project until support link popup, sometimes stuck for more than 5 mins) - homepage keeps saying "“try refreshing”

503: undefined

API is unresponsive. Please try again.


Edit: Seems like they fixed - I can get access now

I got an error, and it told me to refresh which didn’t help at all.
Project name: openclassroom

Editor not working , loading project

Wait my project is up again, probaly temporary errors

I think the container availability is up again, see

Hi @yusuf-korucu,

I’m sorry your project wasn’t loading! I just restarted it. It is loading now.

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These days glitch is fully unstable…

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