My Glitch project is taking forever to load

So It is taking forever to load my project. I cant edit my project. But the project is active, I can go to the link and view my project but I unable to load the glitch editor. My internet is good.

Someone please help

You could contact and request a hard restart of your project.

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Hi dev4m1!

Are you referring to ~rontastic? Are you still unable to edit it?


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Yes referring to ~rontastic and nope it is stuck in “loading project”

Is it stuck on the Waking up or Starting screen?

I can edit my project. The project is active the link is working. However, I can’t edit my project. It is just stuck in “Loading Project”

[UPDATE] It is loaded. I guess the issue is solved but I have no clue why the issue happened in the first place

The next time this happens you can try to use git to update your code:

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I cant do that either because I cant merge the branches. I do not have access to my project’s terminal

You can view you projects terminal outside of the project editing window.

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Sorry for bumping the topic, but I am running into the same problem and can’t access the console. When changing project-name-here to my project’s name, it says “You are not authorized to access the Glitch Console”. What should I do?

Hey! We appreciate that you have an issue (and frankly, doesn’t look like a good one), but please don’t bump old posts. Make a new post, and we’ll help as soon as we can!