My glitch project won't ready up

so i installed packages and wtv and it won’t ready up.
i have this in my code:

console.log(${client.user.tag} is online);

and it hasnt been sent meaning its not readyed up please help


Hi! Welcome to the community! Can you explain your issue in detail? Did you define the client?
Are there any errors in logs?

You are missing a closing bracket.


let me help you bro :slight_smile:

const discord = require(‘discord.js’);
const client = new discord.Client();

client.on(‘ready’, function() {
console.log(${client.user.tag} is online!);

Working? If yes, good look!

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That is weird, because my bot is having the same issue, it worked before, but now, the client.login(process.env.TOKEN) is returning Promise { <pending> }

It seams to not login at all.

Edit: I don’t know when it started happening.

Edit2: I ran the project on my computer and it started with no problem.

Edit3: Well, seams that the project was on a banned host.