My glitch works locally but not in glitch?



We don’t have Node 7.9.0, use "engines": { "node": "7.x" } and it’ll use the latest version available, and it’ll work then.


Thank you .That works.


also glitch fails to recognise some packages I’ve installed. It works once in a while but then again I get the error that it can’t the find the said module. This has happened multiple times and I’ve restarted multiple projects due to this.


What packages? What is the error? What projects have this problem?


The package that didn’t work initially was Koa and then now its koa-router . I had to delete a couple of projects and try again to get koa to work but then now koa-router isn’t working. My current project is!/ee?
And the error is Cannot find Module


I’ve remixed you app and found by checking the logs that npm install was failing. It was failing due to the name field containing a space. I was able to fix it by changing line 5 of package.json to be

  "name": "urlshortener",