My html isn't working

I made a html5 banner with Google Web Designer and uploaded the files but all the website shows is a file manager showing the code
the html code

Could you paste it here? For security I’d rather not download a 1.5 mb zip.

there is a html file, assets folder and lots of javascript and css so i can’t really just paste it

Could you share the glitch project its in?


There isn’t any HTML to run, the only HTML file is blank.

i put the code in but it still dosent work

There isn’t any code to run as there is no HTML.

There also doesn’t seem to be anything in the files:

what i see

Just share the name of the project, it’s at the top left corner of the editor

and there is code for me

stop sharing screenshots, just give the name of the project

i put it there

yes i know, i’m just saying you don’t need to keep sharing screenshots of the code, we can see it

okay then
im new to glitch

no it’s fine, just sharing a bunch of screenshots multiple threads can be spam

i know how to navigate the editor smh

Your project isn’t running @lavadaragon15396 as there isn’t any HTML to run. Did you clone this from a git repo? Could I have a look at that repo?