My intro wont go away

Hello guys i have a site for my bot ( i want to make an intro a spinning cookie gif but make it disappear from a time but it just stays there

js code (in .js file)

function cringe() {
        $('#preloader').fadeOut('slow', function() {
    setTimeout(cringe, 1500)```
//html file intro code under this
<body class="bg-black muli">
         #preloader {
             position: fixed;
             left: 0;
             top: 0;
             z-index: 9999999;
             width: 100%;
             height: 100%;
             overflow: hidden;
             background: #303030 url( no-repeat center center;
                          color: #303030;
    <div id="preloader"></div>```

It looks like you’re using the “Slim” version of jquery which does not include the animation functions. If you switch to the full version I think this should work.