My need help file location?

Hey @goktuggg – I’d have to look at the code to verify, but I think '../../ayarlar.json might be what you’re looking for! When you have a double . (..) it brings you up one directory, but when you only have a single dot (.) it indicates “here” (i.e., look in the current directory.) Let me know if that doesn’t fix the problem!

thankssssssss :heart::heart:

help pls

Try ../models/dil.json?

:frowning: not working
let küfürEngel = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync("…/models/dil.json", “utf8”))

You have an extra period in your file path

Hm…I don’t think it’s a path problem but it’s hard to tell from context. If your project is public, could you share the name and I can take a look? Also could you share the error that you’re getting?

What is your discord username?

Haha I don’t use discord, but clearly I should. I’ll set it up. Just DMed you

Hey, are you there ?