My profile picture has changed unprovoked

Last time I logged on, my profile pic was just an E. Now it’s my regular glitch pfp. How did this happen and how can mods know what my glitch account is if it’s different from my support account?

If you mean your profile pic here, it’s populated from your GitHub account, as I recall. I’m not sure upon what schedule it updates, but no one on Glitch’s staff would have any reason to mess with that.

Also if you log in to Glitch and the forum with the same GitHub account there is underlying shared data that a staff member could ferret out if they needed to. Again no one at Glitch would do so without reason. Additionally it’s possible that in the future we may require a connected Glitch account to log in to the forums, so there may be a direct connection between the two at some point.

But my forum profile was made using a regular email and not using github!

I believe you must be mistaken - we only allow forum signups using GitHub accounts, and it’s definitely been configured that way since you joined. I can access your profile on the Admin side and let you know what GitHub account it’s associated with if you like.

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Yes I want to see, please! Not because I’m doubting you, but simply to see if my github will stay linked even though I changed my name a few days ago